In addition to technology, the environment plays an important role for us. It is worth noting that there is no waste, while the fully automated production process using modern robotic technology, combined with one of the most precise control systems, ensures the following advantages:
  • Production of high quality products
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Respect for the environment
The company, respecting the nature of the raw material supply, planning to participate in research programs and search for alternative energy sources, demonstrates its interest in environmentally conscious construction and living.
Our products have an unlimited lifespan, are all made of clay - 100% natural - and restore the bioclimatic architecture for designing and building buildings with locally and widely available building materials that utilize natural ventilation, solar energy and other renewable energy. They support sustainability, which aims to rationalize the management of natural resources to meet the human needs of the present, without undermining the needs of the future.
The highest energy savings, especially in the summer months, but also the longest life expectancy without maintenance are the quality of manufactured ventilated wooden roof tiles.

Effective roof ventilation requires the installation of ventilation segments (ventilation) and the proper placement of non-welding mortar peaks on horizontal ridges (top-half-top joint).

Another reason that the inside of the tiles should be adequately ventilated is to avoid water vapor liquefaction that corrodes the roof internally.

Special pieces for home appliances such as antennas, solar panels (stand), garage access to the roof (corridor) and mainly for sliding cover (right and left side) and ventilation are the only way to ensure it longevity of the roof indefinitely.

The application of special trim pieces and side edges to the roof, combined with the innovative design of the tiles, contribute to excellent aesthetics and to avoid roof damage from strong lateral winds.
The new innovative ΚΕΒΕ vertical hole bricks cover the static and anti-seismic requirements of the Eurocodes and the thermal insulation requirements of KENAK. They are specially designed with:
  • Special cross-section with diamond-shaped holes that gives advantages of thermal insulation
  • Special handles for ease of transportation and installation
They offer:
  • Great durability
    The special geometrical features, in addition to the enormous mechanical strength (10.0 N / mm2) and high rigidity. Their special design increases the adhesion of the horizontal mortar by 30%, doubling the consistency of the masonry.
  • Ease and speed of construction (16 pcs / m2)
  • Easy cutting to the desired dimensions (Our company also has half cut pieces for angles and swapping)
  • Placing without vertical grouting with mortar on filler walls
    The specially arranged recesses and protrusions mounted on the two opposite walls of the ORTHOBLOCK allow their interlocking as provided for in the Single European Anti-Seismic Regulation (Eurocode 8).
  • They are also ideal for load-bearing walls
ORTHOBLOCK PLUS, filled with expanded polystyrene graphite, is an evolution of the ORTHOBLOCK construction system and offers:
  • Full coverage of even the most demanding requirements
  • Even greater insulation
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Energy saving
  • Save up to 80% on heating-cooling
POROTON ORTHOBLOCK have a cellular ceramic structure, internationally applied technique, for even better thermal insulation behavior. And with a filling of expanded polystyrene graphite, POROTON ORTHOBLOCK PLUS